Recolonization Of Beta Phi Omega at Wright State University

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The road map to recolonization Of Alpha Chapter At Wright State.

With recolonization Planning starting, we want to share with you how we are preparing to establish the preeminent fraternal experience at Wright State. We are establishing committees to work on different areas of the recolonization effort. As of now, we have plans for the following committees. Please use the form below to let us know that you want to help, and which committee, you believe you have a strong skill set in.

Campus Partnership Committee
Building relationships with campus partners having a consistent message to the host institution and staying in its good graces is the easiest way to ensure a return of the Chapter. Good candidates for this committee are former advisors, Presidents, large donors to the institution who may have some clout with administration, and men who can easily gain the audience of the Greek Life professionals and/ or brothers who are in regular contact with the University for One Reason or another. These men will act as liaisons between the graduate association and the host institution. They will keep up-to-date with the happenings of Greek Life on campus and will regularly report to the University on the progress of the recolonization. They will need to attend advisor meetings, alumni IFC meetings, or any meetings of that kind. They will be the “face” of the Alumni association.

Career, Engagement, Leadership Program Committee
In-person and virtual career panels & networking, 1 to 1 career discussions (recruit alumni to do this with undergrads, leadership programming

Fundraising Committee
The fundraising committee should be comprised of men who span several decades, led by a brother or two with some organizational skills and, ideally, some fundraising experience. It is this committee’s job to request pledges from brothers and eventually collect the money to pay for the recolonization. These men will play a crucial role throughout the life of the Colony. Once a surplus is built up a subcommittee for investment will need to be formed.

Alumni Recruitment Committee
We will need to provide solid, local support for the Colony/Chapter. This committee will reach out to brothers to gauge their level of commitment to the Colony. They will provide the Board with names and contact information of men interested in serving, so they can continue the conversation and schedule a time for training.  This committee will also be the conduit for all communication with Alumni. They will assist the Board with producing a newsletter or some other communication piece that announces the recolonization and solicits support. They will plan an Alumni event (such as Pig Dinner or Homecoming) about six months to one year before the recolonization to rally support and provide brothers with the opportunity to volunteer their time, talent, and donations to the recolonization effort.

Legal/Risk Management Committee
Go thru all official documents and material for the new Chapter to ensure nothing against State National or University Guidelines is in Official material.

New Member Recruitment Committee
New members are the lifeblood of any chapter; therefore, the recruitment committee is one of the most important committees in the chapter. Through resources provided by the Board, members are taught the skills necessary to effectively recruit new members. The execution of the chapter’s recruitment plan is the responsibility of the recruitment committee, other suggested responsibilities of the recruitment committee include…

  • Hosting an annual recruitment retreat for the chapter.
  • Creating an exhaustive calendar of relevant dates for recruitment.
  • Creating, and continuously updating a list of names and contact information of potential new members.

Public Relations Committee
The public relations committee seeks to promote the activities and efforts of the recolonization both on campus, and within the community. One of the pathways to brand success is brand consistency. The PR committee ensures that the chapter is represented in a manner that is consistent with Board brand standards and reputation for developing exceptional leaders. Other suggested responsibilities of the public relations committee include…

  • Creating promotional materials, such as informational brochures, handouts, and t-shirts, for chapter events and initiatives.
  • Managing the chapter’s website and social media accounts.
  • Creating and circulating press releases for events.

Graphic Design Committee 
Review all Logos and graphics Across the Brand to ensure a consistent message, Update all publications and manuals with Current Branding and updated pictures and Graphics.