Beta Phi Omega

Beta Phi Omega was founded on September 21st, 1967, at Wright State University. We were the frst fraternity at Wright State, and the only local Fraternity left on campus. Becoming involved in a fraternity such as Beta Phi Omega can truly make a difference on how you look at college life, allowing you to become involved in a new social system of friends. The members of Beta Phi Omega Fraternity would like to offer you the opportunity to open new doors, meet lifelong friends, and earn academic success. Getting involved in such an organization can create an active social life that will make your college years both satisfying and fulflling. With over 500 alumni in the Dayton area and numerous opportunities to live college life to the fullest, Beta Phi Omega is the fraternity that will enrich your life as a college student.

Quick Info

  • Colors - Maroon and Gold
  • Nickname - The Barflies
  • New Memeber Dues - $200
  • Member Dues - $140 per semester (lowest on campus)


For over 50 years the Brothers of Beta Phi Omega have followed the simple motto: Fraternity, Family, School.


As a band of brothers, we recognize the importance of having people around you to help achieve your goals throughout life. While striving to accomplish our own dreams as individuals, we help all brothers to achieve theirs along the way.


It may sound corny, but belonging to a brotherhood is a lot like forming a new family. Having people you are able to rely upon without question is an invaluable relationship to have.


While being the fun side of college life, we also encourage all members to have rigorous study routines. As proof of our commitment to academics, last year we had the highest GPA average out of all fraternities on campus!

Why Beta Phi Omega?

  • New brothers can run for all but three positions
  • New brothers can even run to be on our Executive Board
  • The impact of your contributions can be immediately felt throughout the fraternity and the alumni
  • Our smaller size fosters a more authentic relationship between all brothers
  • Immediate connection to the Alumni Association
  • Networking opportunities in and around Dayton
  • To create a lively social life
  • You are participating directly in Beta Phi and Wright State history


Beta Phi Omega has proudly supports United Rehabilitation Services (URS) of Greater Dayton. URS offers a wide variety of services to children, adults, and seniors with developmental and acquired disabilities from all over the Greater Dayton Region. Beta Phi’s primary philanthropy event is Row-a-thon, in which brothers will spend 24 hours rowing inside of the moat outside of Wright State University’s Allyn Hall. Row-a-thon usually occurs in the first few weeks of fall semester and the last few weeks of spring semester. In addition to Row-a-thon Beta Phi hosts smaller philanthropy events during the school year.

United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton